Meterpreter Scripting

a11y.text Meterpreter Scripting

One of the most powerful features of Meterpreter is the versatility and ease of adding additional features. This is accomplished through the Meterpreter scripting environment. This section will cover the automation of tasks in a Meterpreter session through the use of this scripting environment, how you can take advantage of Meterpreter scripting, and how to write your own scripts to solve your unique needs.

Before diving right in, it is worth covering a few items. Like the rest of the Metasploit framework, the scripts we will be dealing with are written in Ruby and located in the main Metasploit directory in scripts/meterpreter. If you are not familiar with Ruby, a great resource for learning it is the online book “Programming Ruby”.

Before starting, please take a few minutes to review the current subversion repository of Meterpreter scripts. This is a great resource to use to see how others are approaching problems, and possibly borrow code that may be of use to you.

Existing Scripts
John the Ripper