Hands-on skills practice for offensive security professionals

OffSec’s Offensive Cyber Range

Identify potential vulnerabilities that could impact operations and assess security controls used to mitigate these threats. Understand skill gaps and develop training plans for offensive team members.

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Exploit, infiltrate, dominate

The Offensive Cyber Range (OCR) mirrors the complex networks attackers thrive in.  Master the latest exploits, map your organization's vulnerabilities, and develop skills that will transform your team into a proactive offensive force.

Offensive Cyber Range overview




attack vectors




  • Dedicated instance for every customer
  • Instant provisioning & implementation
  • On-demand utilization
  • Chains with pivoting & tunneling
  • Learner progress reports
  • Training built on retired OSCP exam machines
  • Includes challenge labs from PEN-200, PEN-300, WEB-200, WEB-300 and EXP-301

Attack categories:

  • Windows & Linux
  • MitM
  • Active Directory
  • Web
  • Supply chain
  • CVEs
  • Phishing
  • X-day

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Allow your red team to hone their technical, mental, and tactical skills in recognizing and handling real-world incidents. Including regular updates to include the latest exploit vectors.

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Advantages of the Offensive Cyber Range from OffSec

Outsmart cyber criminals in a hyper-realistic environment

Built to look and feel like an enterprise environment from single machines to entire networks, use the OCR to understand how attacks impact your unique environment. Each customer gets access to their own secure range delivering seamless training experiences.

Stay ahead of evolving threats

New machines, based on the latest attack vectors, are added to make sure your teams are ready to handle anything. Trust that your team has the practice required to successfully improve your security posture.

Assess & develop team skills

Practice real-world attack scenarios to assess skills, and build your team's offensive security expertise. Improve communication to protect your organization from the negative impacts of the next attack.

Address attack surface gaps

Map your organization's attack surface, quantify vulnerabilities, and measure your team's skill progress. Use this data to optimize your security strategies and tailor your learning programs for maximum impact.

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