2024 Global Infosec Award Winner

OffSec Wins Seven Global InfoSec Awards during RSA Conference 2024

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Strengthen your cyber defenses with live-fire skills training

OffSec’s Defensive Cyber Range

Shield your business-critical assets in the OffSec Defensive Cyber Range (DCR). Experience the pressure of live attacks in a safe simulation exclusively through OffSec, hone your incident response, understand the attack tactics threatening your systems, and gain the skills to mitigate risk and protect your organization.

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Protect, secure and respond

The Defensive Cyber Range from OffSec prepares blue teams with live-fire simulations of actual attacks. Develop defensive skills and test new team members to respond and protect your most important assets.

Defensive Cyber Range overview




attack vectors




  • Live-fire environment (OffSec EXCLUSIVE)
  • Dedicated instance for every customer
  • Instant provisioning & implementation
  • On-demand utilization
  • Learner progress reports
  • Tools used for skill development include: Elk, pfSense firewalls, Suricata, Wazuh, OpenSearch and more

Attack categories:

  • Active Directory
  • Web
  • Phishing
  • Incident response
  • SOC

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Develop the skills to detect, contain, and neutralize threats, protecting your critical assets. With frequent updates to the range, teams are always prepared for the latest threats.

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For more information, download the Defensive Cyber Range product overview


Advantages of the Defensive Cyber Range from OffSec

Detect and respond in a hyper-realistic environment

Train in complex network simulations that mirror real-world threats. Develop incident response protocols, threat identification skills, and uncover the vulnerabilities attackers exploit.

Harden your defenses against evolving threats

The OffSec Defensive Cyber Range includes commonly seen attacks to speed threat detection. Learn to analyze emerging attack patterns, adapt defenses, and protect your organization's critical assets.

Build a unified defense team

Practice live-fire scenarios to recognize patterns, enhance blue team communication, incident response workflows, and collaborative threat mitigation. Build the knowledge and teamwork to improve speed of detection and decrease business impact.

Data-driven threat mitigation

Improve accuracy and speed of detection in live-fire attacks. Measure your team's skill progress, track response times, and tailor your defense strategies for maximum impact.

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