Real-world hacking
practice with OffSec
hands-on labs

Unlock real-world hacking in a simulated environment. Pick from one of three different environments and test your hacking skills hands-on.

Real-world hacking <br> practice with OffSec <br> hands-on labs




PG Play is a free training lab with dedicated machines designed and submitted by the VulnHub community.




PG Practice has all the features of Play, plus unlimited time and additional machines designed by Offsec experts.

Enterprise Cyber Range

Enterprise Cyber Range

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ECR replicates real-world networks and vulnerabilities, with the most up-to-date exploit vectors. Available with Learn Enterprise.

* Subscription auto-renews unless canceled

Proving Grounds Play

Hack away today in OffSec's Proving Grounds Play. This free training platform offers three hours of daily access to standalone private labs, where you can practice and perfect your pentesting skills on community-generated Linux machines. Explore, learn, and have fun with new machines added monthly

Proving Grounds Practice

Turn your hacking skills into cybersecurity skills with OffSec's Proving Grounds Practice. This unique subscription-based platform offers unlimited access to a diverse range of Windows and Linux machines, each meticulously crafted by our very own OffSec experts.

Enterprise Cyber Range

With live-fire simulations, conduct tournaments to assess and develop team skills. Built for the enterprise with emulates enterprise environments, ECR is the best Cyber Range in the market.

Why use OffSec Proving Grounds?


Proving Grounds offers a true-to-life hacking experience, allowing users to practice diverse techniques, explore intriguing pivots, and experience a wide range of possibilities in a realistic environment.

Dynamic updates

We use our Exploit Database and pentest assessments to ensure Proving Grounds stays up to date and our labs grow as we integrate new exploits.


Our independent virtual hacking labs are rich with various operating systems and attack vectors, allowing users to use and hone a broad set of pentesting skills.

User-Generated Content

Vulnerable machine creators - Turn your labs into cash! With the OffSec UGC program you can submit your
vulnerable VMs for a real-world payout. Earn up to $1500 with successful submissions and have your lab
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