Store Information in a Database Using Metasploit

a11y.text Store Information in a Database Using Metasploit

When conducting a penetration test, it is frequently a challenge to keep track of everything you have done on (or to) the target network. This is where having a database configured can be a great timesaver. Metasploit has built-in support for the PostgreSQL database system.

The system allows quick and easy access to scan information and gives us the ability to import and export scan results from various third party tools. We can also use this information to configure module options rather quickly. Most importantly, it keeps our results clean and organized.

msf > help database

Database Backend Commands

    Command           Description
    -------           -----------
    db_connect        Connect to an existing database
    db_disconnect     Disconnect from the current database instance
    db_export         Export a file containing the contents of the database
    db_import         Import a scan result file (filetype will be auto-detected)
    db_nmap           Executes nmap and records the output automatically
    db_rebuild_cache  Rebuilds the database-stored module cache
    db_status         Show the current database status
    hosts             List all hosts in the database
    loot              List all loot in the database
    notes             List all notes in the database
    services          List all services in the database
    vulns             List all vulnerabilities in the database
    workspace         Switch between database workspaces

msf > hosts


address         mac                name            os_name  os_flavor  os_sp  purpose  info  comments
-------         ---                ----            -------  ---------  -----  -------  ----  --------                                     Unknown                    device             Linux    Ubuntu            server  00:0C:29:D1:62:80  Linux    Ubuntu            server

msf > services -p 21


host            port  proto  name  state  info
----            ----  -----  ----  -----  ----  21    tcp    ftp   open   vsftpd 2.3.4

In the next section of Metasploit Unleashed we’ll take a look at setting up our Metasploit Database.

Using the Database
Generating Payloads