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The poweron_vm module will log into the Web API of VMware and try to power on a specified Virtual Machine.

msf > use auxiliary/admin/vmware/poweron_vm
msf auxiliary(poweron_vm) > show options

Module options (auxiliary/admin/vmware/poweron_vm):

   Name      Current Setting         Required  Description
   ----      ---------------         --------  -----------
   PASSWORD  vmwareESXpassword       yes       The password to Authenticate with.
   Proxies                           no        Use a proxy chain
   RHOST            yes       The target address
   RPORT     443                     yes       The target port
   USERNAME  root                    yes       The username to Authenticate with.
   VHOST                             no        HTTP server virtual host
   VM        XPSP3CloneMe            yes       The VM to try to Power On

Running the module gives little output but nothing more is needed besides the success or failure of powering on the virtual machine.

msf  auxiliary(poweron_vm) > run

[+] VM Powered On Successfully
[*] Auxiliary module execution completed
msf  auxiliary(poweron_vm) >
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