MSF Community Exploitation

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So here it is, the exploitation phase! Now that a number of vulnerabilities have been discovered, we can proceed to the fun part, exploitation.

Let us explore how this can be accomplished:

  • First, let us browse to the list of vulnerabilities and click on our desired exploit module. In this case, we will be using exploit/multi/samba/usermap_script as follows:


  • We are then taken to the exploit module page. We can now specify our Target Addresses, Target Settings, Payload and Evasion Options, and so forth. When ready, we can click on ‘Run Module’ to exploit the target system(s).


  • Exploit is now sent to the target(s) and if successful, a corresponding session is opened. Notice how we have (1) active session by looking at the ‘Sessions’ tab.


  • Clicking on ‘Sessions’ provides us with more information about the active sessions to the target(s) as seen below:


  • Clicking on ‘Session 3’ allows us to interact with the current session. Please note that the number ‘3’ corresponds to our current session, so you may have a different session ID. Clicking on ‘Command Shell’ allows us to interact with our target.


  • We have now successfully exploited our target machine. As can be clearly seen below, we have a shell and can execute system commands.


Now that we have successfully exploited our target machine, let’s take a look at post-exploitation in more detail!

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