At Offensive Security we have a big mission: to empower the world to fight cyber threats by inspiring the Try Harder mindset. This Try Harder mindset has created a special culture here — one we are determined to protect as we grow.

Our values help us do that. They are our code of conduct for engaging with each other and the world around us, and help inform our decisions. We hope you appreciate them and the behaviors that support them.


Treat each other as family

  • We care about one another’s well-being and personal growth
  • We respect one another
  • We welcome new members who respect our values
  • We are authentic in our interactions
  • We work as a team and build on each other’s strengths


Be passionate in your contribution

  • We take pride in what we do and give the best of ourselves every day
  • We believe in our mission, and its value to our customers and communities
  • We maintain a spirit of humility and perspective


Act with integrity

  • We behave honestly and ethically
  • We respect the gravity of our mission and the importance of our reputation
  • We strive for model behavior and hold ourselves to the highest standards
  • We strive for transparency whenever we can
  • We define goals that encourage team cooperation, not competition


Foster and grow with communities

  • We appreciate the value of communities, particularly open-source communities
  • As good community members, we contribute and cooperate to help everyone succeed


Innovate to lead the market

  • We balance the fine line between technical excellence, good design, and time to market
  • We accept mistakes as an opportunity to learn
  • We constantly challenge ourselves to create new ideas and adapt to our world

Join our family!

If your values match ours, visit our Careers page to see how you can join the OffSec family.

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