Cybersecurity training organized by Industry Framework

Hands-on training that aligns with cybersecurity industry frameworks MITRE ATT&CK and MITRE D3FEND.

Achieve regulatory compliance

Leveraging industry-standard frameworks, cybersecurity teams can identify risk areas across their organizations. Those same techniques are mapped to the learning paths from OffSec ensuring teams get proper training to meet compliance requirements for cybersecurity training.

Assess & train cybersecurity teams

Use the industry frameworks to identify skill gaps across teams. Pick the OffSec Learning Paths that focus on desirable skills. Addressing critical techniques, these learning paths provide teams with text-based training and reinforce training with real-world, hands-on labs.

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Unlimited OffSec Learning Library access plus unlimited exam attempts for one year.

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Learn Unlimited provides individuals and organizations with unlimited access to the OffSec Learning Library. This includes all courses, content and learning paths. Learners also receive unlimited exam attempts and time in any of our hands-on lab environments.

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1 year of access to unlimited courses & content

Unlimited exam attempts during your subscription

365 days of lab access

1 year of unlimited access to all fundamental content and OffSec curated Learning Paths

PEN-103 + unlimited KLCP exam attempts

PEN-210 + unlimited OSWP exam attempts

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