2024 Global Infosec Award Winner

OffSec Wins Seven Global InfoSec Awards during RSA Conference 2024

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Let offensive & defensive teams compete in live-fire, enterprise environments.

Offsec Versus

Wage internal cyberwar, pitting red vs. blue in realistic simulations tailored to your technology and attack surface. Expose weaknesses, streamline collaboration, and gain confidence in your team's ability to defend against even the most sophisticated attacks.

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Outsmart, outmaneuver, outperform

Versus prepares your teams for the latest threats. Master the latest attack techniques, refine defensive strategies, and stay ahead of emerging attack vectors. Track individual and performance with leaderboards. Assess skills, identify gaps and develop upskilling plans based on tournament outcomes.

OffSec Versus overview








  • Tournament creation in 3 easy steps
  • Skill assessements in live-fire environments
  • Leaderboards to track individual and team performance
  • Train multiple teams in a single tournament
  • Instant provisioning & implementation
  • Dedicated instance for each organization
  • On-demand utilization

Attack vectors:

  • Windows & Linux
  • Web
  • Active Directory
  • Phishing
  • MitM
  • CVEs

The new way to prepare cybersecurity teams

Stage internal team face-offs in an enterprise-grade cyber range environment. Assess offensive teams attack skills in timed tournaments. Evaluate the defensive teams ability to quickly and accurately identify threats, communicate, escalate and mitigate attacks. Leverage OffSec Versus to upskill your entire cybersecurity team.

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Advantages of OffSec Versus

Run real cyber drills

Test your offensive teams’ ability to attack under time pressure. Assess your defensive teams ability to quickly and accurately identify real incidents to correctly escalate and mitigate attacks.

Build camaraderie in preparation for a real crisis

Practice live-fire scenarios within Versus. Close communication gaps, optimize incident response, and forge a unified cybersecurity team.

Identify gaps & develop skills

Leverage the tournament leaderboard to identify skill gaps, and develop personalized training plans for individual team members.

Measurable cybersecurity improvement

Map your attack surface, quantify vulnerabilities, and measure team progress. Tailor your training, maximize defense strategies, and achieve greater impact.

Webinar: See the OffSec Enterprise Cyber Range in Action

Learn about the latest Versus capabilities, part of the Enterprise Cyber Range. Learn how to set up a tournament, invite red and blue teams, track scores in the leaderboard and identify skills for your offensive and defensive teams.

Webinar: See the OffSec Enterprise Cyber Range in Action

Versus is available in the Enterprise Cyber Range and Learn Enterprise


Learn Enterprise

Access the entire Learning Library AND the Enterprise Cyber Range for a comprehensive training platform.

Enterprise Cyber Range

Purchase stand-alone access to the ECR and get hands-on training without additional Learning Library content.