MSFU Updates

MSFU Updates – June 2011

Over this past month, we have put a great deal of time into bringing our free online course, Metasploit Unleashed in line with BackTrack 5. The majority of these changes are cosmetic in nature but they should help to reduce confusion for newcomers to Metasploit and BackTrack while ensuring a consistent look throughout. We have also taken this opportunity to do more functionality verification in the course.


  • Updated the Dradis Section
  • Updated the Configuring Databases Section
  • Updated the Port Scanning Section
  • Updated the Auxiliary Plugins Section
  • Updated the Hunting for MSSQL Section
  • Updated the Service Identification Section
  • Updated the SMB Login Check Section
  • Added MSFvenom Coverage
  • Added MSFpayload Coverage

Module Reference Additions

  • multi/gather/ssh_creds
  • linux/gather/hashdump
  • linux/gather/enum_services

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