MSFU Updates

MSFU Updates – February 2011

Metasploit Unleashed

This past month has seen a number of additions to our free Metasploit Unleashed training course, primarily in our on-going effort to build out the Metasploit Module Reference section. In addition, we are still continuing to work through the course content to ensure that it is still all functional.


  • Updated the Timestomp Section
  • Updated the SET Section to Reflect v.12 Changes
  • Updated the Backdooring EXE Files Section

Module Reference Additions

  • http/http_login
  • http/tomcat_mgr_login
  • http/verb_auth_bypass
  • http/webdav_scanner
  • http/webdav_website_content
  • http/wordpress_login_enum
  • http/writable
  • imap/imap_version
  • mssql/mssql_ping
  • mysql/mysql_login
  • mysql/mysql_version

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