Friday, January 13th 2023

New 90-day Course and Cybersecurity Certification Exam Bundles

Accelerate your learning and earn an OffSec cybersecurity certification in just 90 days. Learn about the benefits of our 90-day course and cert bundles.

Introducing new 90-day Course and Cert Exam Bundles for WEB-200 (OSWA), SOC-200 (OSDA), and EXP-312 (OSMR)! Accelerate your learning and build job-ready skills by becoming an OffSec cert holder. 

Fast track your way into earning one of the best cybersecurity certifications online. Let’s explore the benefits of our 90-day Course and Cert Exam Bundles. 

Unwavering Focus on Practicality and Job-readiness

An integrated learning experience empowers you to gain hands-on skills through
a mixture of text, video, and practical exercises designed by OffSec experts.

Explore job role-specific learning paths across the infosec spectrum in:

Challenge Yourself with Best-in-Class Cybersecurity Training

Practical exercises will help you develop stronger proficiency and apply knowledge.

For instance, learn how the MITRE ATT&CK® framework can help defenders understand attackers in the SOC-200 Challenge labs. When simulated attacks occur in real-time, you’ll investigate while dealing with network noise and decoy machines.

Increase exam preparedness with our interactive OffSec Live streams. We do demonstrations and walkthroughs of course Topics and Proving Grounds machines.Additionally, sessions offer career guidance, including how to build a resume, how to break into cybersecurity, and interview tips.

For an inside look into WEB-200, SOC-200, and EXP-312, watch our playlist of recorded OffSec Live streams

Earning an OffSec Cybersecurity Certification Demonstrates Competency

Our courses offers the most rigorous cybersecurity training in the industry. Prove your skills and competency by earning an OffSec cybersecurity certification.
An OffSec certification is a clear sign of a skilled and experienced infosec professional that is prepared for the real world.

What’s Included

The 90-day course and certification exam bundle includes: 

  • Course material
  • Lab access
  • One (1) exam attempt

The 90-day offering is available for each of the following cybersecurity courses and certifications:

Web Application

The Student Experience

Here’s what students had to share about their learning experience:

“…the way it’s all presented, and the fact that there are VMs you can start that let us break the problem into smaller problems (an eval sandbox that just executes whatever javascript you throw at it, and several sample apps that are each vulnerable to a different variant of XSS), makes for a very pleasant learning experience.”
– Anonymous

“I’m happy to announce that I’ve achieved the #OSMR certification! Special thanks to @offsectraining and @theevilbit for arguably the best certification in the macOS infosec field.”
 – @cr7pt0pl4gu3, Offensive Security Specialist, OSCP | OSCE3 | OSMR

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  • In our r/offensive_security subreddit, ask questions, share knowledge, get career advice, and increase confidence in your infosec journey. We also regularly hold AMAs. 
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Have More Questions?

If you have more questions about the 90-day Course and Cert Exam Bundle, please:

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