ITunes Reloaded – Getting the Shell

Author: Matteo Memelli

There goes our Information Security

This is part 2 of our previous post about the Itunes exploit for windows.

…little did we know that all the payloads being sent have to be pure AlphaNumeric (printable ASCII). The first thing to do is find a Alphanum friendly return address, which was found at 0x67215e2a


Execution then gets redirected to our 1st stage payload. Due to buffer size and character set constraints, we do not jump over our return address as would usually be done. Luckily, executing the opcode equivalent of the RET address did not mangle the stack or terminate execution.

We then align the stack to the ECX register in order to set up our encoded payload:


ECX holds our purely alphanumeric first stage shellcode. This shellcode preforms a near jump, back into our buffer.

The following screenshot shows the decoded jump:


We next align EDX to point to the second stage encoded shellcode as can be seen here:


Our shellcode now gets decoded. A quick stack alignment is required to “reset” ESP and EBP to the total trashing of the stack state…and we get our shell!