BackTrack 4

BackTrack 4 Pre Final – Public Release and Download

The Remote Exploit Team is ecstatic to announce the public release of BackTrack 4 Pre Final (codename “pwnsauce“). A VMWare Image of BT4 will be released in a few days.  We have major changes in BackTrack, and have tried to document and summarize them as best as possible. See the BackTrack Guide PDF for more info.

BackTrack 4 Walpaper

BackTrack 4 Wallpaper

Check out our BackTrack Videos and Resources and our BackTrack PDF.

We’ve opened up new subforums for this release. Please report bugs and suggestions!

As usual, we ask that you do not link directly to our mirrored ISOs. We are trying to get a rough download count for BT4pf.

If you would like to link to our iso, please use :

md5sum and sha256sum can be found here and here. The Remote Exploit Website News page will be soon updated.


Remote Exploit Team