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PWB in the Caribbean, Part 3

In Part 2 of our series of posts on the recent PWB in the Caribbean course, Johnny was desperately seeking an exit from the upcoming pain that is exploit development. However, he didn't come up with an escape plan quickly enough and his tale continues in this

PWB in the Caribbean, Part 2

In our ongoing series covering our most recent live PWB in the Caribbean course, Johnny picks up from Part 1 and provides an inside and personal look at the course at it picks up speed and increases in difficulty.

Discover your inner Pirate

For the last two years Offensive Security has been taking the live training market by storm with its flagship course, Pentesting with BackTrack. We are very excited to announce that the next PWB live training will be held in an exotic location the Caribbean is

BackTrack 5 on a Motorola Xoom

In the past few days we have been toying with some Motorola hardware, and have managed to get a basic build of BackTrack 5 (+ toolchain) on a Motorola Xoom. The possibilities look exciting as we are slowly building several experimental arm packages. Our team d

Armitage in BackTrack 4 r2

A brief time ago, an exciting GUI front-end for Metasploit named Armitage was released. For being an initial release, Armitage is very polished and so we knew we had to add it to the BackTrack respositories.

Metasploit with MySQL in BackTrack 4 r2

Until the release of BackTrack 4 r2, it was possible to get Metasploit working with MYSQL but it was not an altogether seamless experience. Now, however, Metasploit and MYSQL work together "out of the box" so we thought it would be great to highlight the integ

BackTrack 4 R1 BlackHat Edition

The time is again upon us for the years biggest security conference event - Black Hat Vegas, USA. The folks at Black Hat have prepared a stellar week of great trainings and cutting edge briefings.

How to Update to BackTrack 2.6.34

Several people have been asking for instructions on updating hard drive installs of BackTrack - here's a quick set of commands to upgrade your BackTrack machine - and prepare the kernel sources - for example VMWare tools or VirtualBox tools kernel module comp

BackTrack ISO Kernel 2.6.34 Upgrade

Last night we moved a new kernel package (2.6.34) out of the testing repositories, and into the official ones. This kernel update marks a huge improvement in hardware support and desktop responsiveness. In addition to the kernel, we have added several external

How to Hack your Way to BlackHat Vegas

This past weekend Offensive Security ran its second cyber hacking challenge, “How Strong is Your Fu – Hacking for Charity“. We first separated the contestants into groups of 10 and each had 48 hours to hack into our 5 evil machines that were conjured up

Penetration Testing Tools

We are coming close to a public release of BackTrack R1 – the world’s leading penetration testing distribution. We wanted to provide an opportunity for our users to make last suggestions for tools which are currently NOT present , but should be included. P

BackTrack 4 Release 1 (R1 Dev)

The release of BackTrack 4 unleashed a whirlwind of over 1 million downloads. Information Security specialists and Penetration Testers from all over the world showing their support and love for the product that has become the #1 Penetration Testing Distribut

How Strong is Your Fu?

We are happy to announce our first Public Hacking Tournament, labeled “How strong is Your Fu?“. The Hacking Tournament will last for two days, and may go on longer, depending on how long our machines survive. The reward ? The winner of the tourname