Exploit Development

Posts related to vulnerability and exploit development.

Auditing the Auditor

Some time ago, we noticed some security researchers looking for critical vulnerabilities affecting "security" based products (such as antivirus) that can have a damaging impact to enterprise and desktop users. Take a stroll through the Google Project Zero bug

Fldbg, a Pykd script to debug FlashPlayer

A few months ago, we decided to make a new module for our Advanced Windows Exploitation class. After evaluating a few options we chose to work with an Adobe Flash 1day vulnerability originally discovered by the Google Project Zero team. Since we did not have

Disarming and Bypassing EMET 5.1

Last week Microsoft released EMET 5.1 to address some compatibility issues and strengthen mitigations to make them more resilient to attacks and bypasses. We, of course, were curious to see if our EMET 5.0 disarming technique has been addressed by the latest v

Disarming EMET v5.0

In our previous Disarming Emet 4.x blog post, we demonstrated how to disarm the ROP mitigations introduced in EMET 4.x by abusing a global variable in the .data section located at a static offset. A general overview of the EMET 5 technical preview has been rec

Symantec Endpoint Protection 0day

In a recent engagement, we had the opportunity to audit a leading Antivirus Endpoint Protection solution, where we found a multitude of vulnerabilities. Some of these made it to CERT, while others have been scheduled for review during our upcoming AWE course a

NDPROXY Local SYSTEM exploit CVE-2013-5065

In the past few days there has been some online chatter about a new Windows XP/2k3 privilege escalation, well documented by FireEye. Googling around, we came across a Twitter message which contained a link to a Chinese vulnerability analysis and PoC.

Fun with AIX Shellcode and Metasploit

In one of our recent pentests, we discovered an 0day for a custom C application server running on the AIX Operating System. After debugging the crash, we discovered that the bug could lead to remote code execution and since we don't deal very often with AIX ex

CA ARCserve – CVE-2012-2971

On a recent penetration test, we encountered an installation of CA ARCserve Backup on one of the target systems that piqued our interest. Like most "good" enterprise applications, ARCserve has processes that are running as SYSTEM so naturally, we went straight

FreePBX Exploit Phone Home

During a routine scan of new vulnerability reports for the Exploit Database, we came across a single post in full disclosure by Martin Tschirsich, about a Remote Code Execution vulnerability in FreePBX. This vulnerability sounded intriguing, and as usual, req

Advanced Windows Exploitation Updated

Our Advanced Windows Exploitation (AWE) live course in Columbia, Maryland is fast approaching with a start-date of October 24. Not only is the first time we have offered this training outside of BlackHat, it is also the first time we are able to offer a full 5

Winamp 5.58 Exploit Development

The guys at the Exploit Database posted an awesome writeup on a Winamp 5.58 Exploit Development storming session - with some really cool results. In the end, they ended up writing a short assembly sequence to walk through the payload and replace bad characters

Adobe Shockwave player rcsL chunk memory corruption 0day

It's not often we wake up and find a massive 0day submitted to the Exploit Database - but today was different. Abysssec security released an Adobe Shockwave player 0day. We verified the exploit as part as our verification process in the Exploit database and ma

Evocam Remote Buffer Overflow on OSX

This guide comes from my own journey from finding a buffer overflow in an OS X application to producing a working exploit. I have reasonably good exploit development skills having completed the Penetration Testing with BackTrack and Cracking the Perimeter trai