OffSec CyberRange

OffSec Cyber Range (OCR) offers the most realistic hands-on, in-depth labs on the market that emulate enterprise environments, allowing your team to hone their technical, mental, and tactical skills in recognizing and handling real-world incidents.
cyber range

Your enterprise cybersecurity training ground

OCR simulates real-world network configurations and vulnerabilities. Labs are updated regularly with latest exploit vectors for offensive and defensive teams.

OffSec Cyber Range includes simulations for red and blue teams

OCR Attack

Advanced Offensive Cyber Range

For Red Team Specialists & Advanced Cybersecurity Professionals

OCR Defend

Defense-Driven Cyber Range

Tailored for Defense Analysts, Threat Hunters & System Administrators

Webinar: How to Upskill Your Team with Hands-on Learning

Explore cybersecurity training in action: Discover OffSec Cyber Range’s features and the real-time impact of experiential learning on cyber threats, presented by Owen du Plessis, OffSec's Senior Manager of Lab Development.

Advantages of OffSec Cyber Range

Real-world attack vectors in a safe environment

Real-world attack vectors in a safe environment

Cyber threats are continuously evolving. OCR lets you know how the latest new exploit can impact your organization's security posture and ensure your team can recognize and protect against any threat in a safe and controlled environment.

Improve team capabilities

Improve team capabilities

Realistic virtual labs provide an environment to conduct cybersecurity “fire drills” safely and practice attack response to achieve better teamwork and effective communication in the event of a real cyber incident.

Advance and test new skills

Advance and test new skills

Hands-on training in OCR's simulated environments will help your team to build practical skills, face challenges they would in a real-world engagement, and upskill faster so they can stay ahead of cyber attackers.

Elevate cybersecurity learning efforts

Elevate cybersecurity learning efforts

Address skill and knowledge gaps, identify strengths and weaknesses, and use this knowledge to develop further cybersecurity learning efforts for your organization.

What's Included

OffSec is committed to updating our Learning Library and products on a continuous basis, with even more machines coming soon to OCR.








Single machines

* Data as of 2/22/2024


  • Individual instances of all OCR machines
  • Powered up on Demand
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Sort by Attack Type

Attack vectors

  • Windows and Linux Machines
  • Every chain has an Active Directory
  • Every chain has Pivoting and Tunneling
  • Non Web Attacks (SQL & SMB)

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OCR is part of our Learn Enterprise solution and is tightly integrated with our Learning Library.

A learning and skills development expert can help get your organization set up with OCR and answer any questions you may have.