OSCE³ Certification: Mastering Offensive Security

OffSec's OSCE³ certification signifies exceptional mastery in the offensive security domain. Earned upon successful completion of our three following advanced courses and their respective exams, the OSCE³ certification is a symbol of determination, knowledge, and skill.


Showcase Exceptional Mastery with the OSCE³ Certification

Earning the OSCE³ certification showcases your dedication to the offensive security field and your ability to tackle complex security challenges.

Benefits of achieving the OSCE³ certification include:

Recognition of expertise

Recognition of expertise

The OSCE³ certification distinguishes you as a top-tier offensive security professional, showcasing your advanced skills and knowledge.

Enhanced career opportunities

Enhanced career opportunities

With the OSCE³ certification, you stand out in the job market, attracting lucrative opportunities in the cybersecurity field.

Continued learning and growth

Continued learning and growth

The OSCE³ certification is a stepping stone in your cybersecurity learning journey, encouraging further exploration and knowledge acquisition.

Exclusive challenge coin

Exclusive challenge coin

Upon achieving the OSCE³ certification, you receive a unique challenge coin, a tangible symbol of your accomplishment and dedication to the field.

Elevate your offensive security skills and boost your cybersecurity career.

Enroll in our advanced courses (WEB-300, PEN-300 & EXP-301) today and embark on the journey towards the OSCE³ certification.

Course #1

WEB-300: Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation

WEB-300 equips you with advanced web application penetration testing skills, beneficial for penetration testers, software security professionals, and full-stack developers.

Key areas of study in the
WEB-300 course include:

  • Advanced information gathering and enumeration
  • Web application vulnerability identification and exploitation
  • Advanced client-side and server-side attacks
  • Web application post-exploitation techniques
  • Web application vulnerability chaining
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Course #2

PEN-300: Advanced Evasion Techniques and Breaching Defenses

PEN-300 takes you deep into advanced penetration testing techniques, equipping you with the tools and tactics to evade and breach defenses effectively.

Key areas of study in the
PEN-300 course include:

  • Antivirus evasion techniques
  • Lateral movement strategies
  • Domain fronting and proxying
  • Code injection and process manipulation
  • Post-exploitation activities and privilege escalation
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Course #3

EXP-301: Windows User Mode Exploit Development

EXP-301 focuses on Windows user mode exploit development, an essential competency for advanced penetration testers, vulnerability researchers, and malware analysts.

Key areas of study in the
EXP-301 course include:

  • Windows user mode exploit development
  • Reverse engineering with IDA and WinDbg
  • Bypassing ASLR and DEP protections
  • Shellcode creation and optimization
  • Crafting ROP chains and other advanced techniques
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