Transform Your Cybersecurity Training with OffSec’s Cyber Ranges

Apr 01, 2024


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In 2024, the cybersecurity landscape is bleak, with 62% of organizations acknowledging a pressing need for enhanced cybersecurity skills amidst growing digital threats. This statistic underscores the urgent demand for comprehensive training in modern cybersecurity practices​. In response to this critical need, OffSec is introducing a new suite of Cyber Ranges. 

OffSec’s Cyber Ranges – our solution for realistic, high-impact cybersecurity training. This suite delivers a powerful combination:

  • Our Enterprise Cyber Range (ECR) with the groundbreaking live-fire capability in Versus, for Red vs. Blue training.
  • Enhanced Offensive and Defensive Cyber Ranges for deep-dive, specialized skill development.

Together, these ranges create an unmatched training experience for your entire cybersecurity team.

OffSec’s Enterprise Cyber Range

Traditional cybersecurity training often falls short. Siloed teams, theoretical exercises, and outdated attack scenarios leave you exposed when a real attack hits. The Enterprise Cyber Range (ECR) empowers you to forge an adaptable, unified cyber defense force.

  • The most comprehensive cyber range offering: The ECR bundles the Offensive Cyber Range, Defensive Cyber Range, and Versus in a single product, perfect for any enterprise looking for hands-on continuous skill development.
  • Your Tech, Your Threats: The ECR isn’t a ‘one-size fits all’ solution. Customize it to look as much like your environment as possible, from your technology, vulnerabilities, and the attacks you’re most likely to face. This isn’t just training – it’s a dress rehearsal.
  • Beyond the Classroom: No more boring lectures! The ECR’s hands-on, evolving environment keeps training engaging. Teams learn by doing, developing real-world reflexes for countering the latest exploits.
  • The Foundation of Excellence: The ECR integrates our Offensive and Defensive Cyber Ranges. Specialized skill development for each side feeds directly into the power of Versus, maximizing your team’s effectiveness.

Use the Enterprise Cyber Range to:

  • Close the Skills Gap: Expose and address areas for improvement on both sides.
  • Optimize Strategies: Test your incident response plans before they face a true attack.
  • Build Cohesion: Versus fosters team dynamics essential to handling real-world pressure.
  • Stay Ahead: Train against emerging threats, keeping your defenses up-to-date.

Let’s explore the innovative features that make the ECR so powerful, starting with the revolutionary Versus, a brand new OffSec-exclusive functionality.

Realistic Red vs. Blue Competition: Elevate Your Cybersecurity with Versus


Imagine your Red and Blue teams working independently – limited communication, unaware of each other’s strategies.  That’s a recipe for disaster in a real attack. Versus shatters those limitations, transforming training into a thrilling, high-stakes competition. 

  • Expose Weaknesses, Build Resilience: Versus reveals where skills, processes, and communication break down under pressure. It’s a safe space to learn from mistakes, and build a stronger, more adaptable defense.
  • Communication is Key: During the heat of a Versus exercise, teams learn to share threat intelligence rapidly and troubleshoot collaboratively. This translates directly to real-world incident response.
  • Think Like the Enemy: Red teams get hands-on insight into the defensive mindsets, while Blue teams learn to anticipate and counter the latest attack techniques.
  • A Competitive Edge: Versus fosters a healthy rivalry, pushing teams to learn from each other and strive for excellence. This mindset strengthens your entire security posture.

Versus Key Features:

  • Big-Net Shared Network: Secure, controlled environment for collaborative exercises.
  • Leaderboards and Walkthroughs: Motivate your teams, track progress, and offer learning opportunities.
  • Instant Provisioning: Jump into training immediately, minimizing downtime.

OffSec’s Versus is a groundbreaking feature, and we’re taking a measured rollout approach to ensure the best possible experience. Here’s how access will work during the initial Alpha and Beta phases throughout April:

Alpha: A limited number of select enterprise customers will gain early access to Versus through early April, providing valuable feedback and testing.

Beta: Additional enterprise customers will join the Beta in the middle of April, participating in tournaments and further refining the Versus experience.

What if I want Versus now?

Even if your organization isn’t yet a part of the Versus Alpha or Beta testing, you can still register your interest on the Enterprise Cyber Range or Versus webpage. We’ll contact you as Versus availability expands.

New Enterprise Customers: If you sign up for the Enterprise Cyber Range during the Alpha/Beta period, we’ll work to provision access to Versus as quickly as possible.

Versus isn’t just about competition; it’s about forging a unified, proactive cyber defense. By understanding the unique advantages of our Offensive and Defensive Cyber Ranges, you’ll see how they supercharge the transformative power of Versus and your cybersecurity team. Let’s explore these specialized training grounds next.

Master Your Domain: The Enhanced Offensive & Defensive Cyber Ranges

The Enterprise Cyber Range and its groundbreaking Versus capability offer a collaborative training experience. However, a strong cyber defense relies on highly skilled specialists on both sides.  Our enhanced Offensive and Defensive Cyber Ranges, included with our Enterprise Cyber Range, provide the environments where Red and Blue teams build the expertise to excel in Versus – and in the real world.

Offensive Cyber Range (OCR): Your Red Team Arsenal

The Offensive Cyber Range is where your penetration testers go beyond theory and into realistic attack simulations. With a massive library of machines – including challenge labs from our industry-recognized offensive courses (like PEN-200!) plus PG Play and Practice –  it’s the ultimate environment for honing offensive strategies across a vast range of scenarios. Red team members get the hands-on practice to level up their toolsets, techniques, and their understanding of real-world vulnerabilities.

  • Know Your Enemy: Train against the latest exploits, covering Windows, Linux, web applications, supply chains, CVEs, and more. Develop an attacker’s tactical mindset.
  • Realistic Toolsets: Utilize real-world penetration testing tools to practice and refine offensive techniques.
  • Targeted Training: Focus on specific vulnerabilities or attack vectors to address areas where your team needs improvement.

Defensive Cyber Range (DCR): Your Blue Team Proving Ground

Responders and threat hunters find their training ground in the Defensive Cyber Range. Experience the adrenaline rush of real-time incident response, live-fire attacks, and the pressure to identify and neutralize threats.  DCR builds your Blue team’s resilience with real-world scenarios as well as content pulled from our SOC-200 course, alongside other OffSec exclusive defensive Learning Paths like Incident Responder Essentials, providing them the experience needed to defend effectively under attack.

  • Live-Fire Practice: Experience the pressure of simulated active attacks (another OffSec exclusive!) and develop rapid response protocols.
  • Threat Detection & Mitigation: Hone your skills in identifying and neutralizing a wide range of threats.
  • Resilience Under Pressure: Learn to prioritize, troubleshoot, and adapt your defenses on the fly.

The OffSec Difference: Proven Expertise, Hands-On Results

OffSec isn’t just another training provider. We’re pioneers in hands-on cybersecurity education, with a reputation built on helping individuals and organizations achieve real-world success. Here’s why our new Cyber Ranges deliver unparalleled value:

  • Battle-Tested Experience: Our team draws from decades of frontline cybersecurity experience. Your training reflects the real threats and tactics, not just theory.
  • Relentless Focus on Realism: Customizable environments, up-to-date attack scenarios, and the collaborative intensity of Versus ensure that the skills your teams build translate to effective defense.
  • A Community of Doers: OffSec is where cybersecurity professionals come to challenge themselves and learn from the best. Our Cyber Ranges give your team access to this proven, results-driven mindset.

Find the Right Cyber Range Solution for Your Team

In today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape, staying ahead requires the right training. OffSec’s new suite of Cyber Ranges empowers you to transform your team into a proactive, unified cyber defense force.  Whether you choose the comprehensive Enterprise Cyber Range, or a specialized Offensive or Defensive Cyber Range, you’re investing in the skills your organization needs to succeed. Ready to learn more? Contact our sales team for a personalized consultation.

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