BackTrack 4

The Fingerprinting power in BackTrack4

If you prefer running your BackTrack4 system in “secure mode” and not always have to type your password … fingerprinting can help you!

In the new BackTrack repository, the packages required to get this running are all in place:

The Installation

The base installation is very simple, just run apt-get to import the required libraries and the fprint-demo GTK software.

The Configuration

To configure the  fingerprint sensor, run fprint-demo (you can find it in K -> Accessories -> Fingerprint-demo). Import and save your fingerprint.

Extra stuff

If  you to use the fingerprint with the default login method, install pam-fprint. You can use it via console, kdm, kde notifier etc..


BIG sneak preview… It`s possible crack this authentication method, using the “isinglass” method. More info will be posted about this later.