Backtrack 4 Powered with CUDA

Some really exciting stuff going on in the world of CUDA on backtrack 4. We have updated to cuda 2.2 and will be offering the complete developers environment. This will include every thing you need to write some of your own tools with CUDA if the need arises. If you don’t know what CUDA is then you should read this to get familiar with the topic. CUDA
Pyrit will be included in bt4 and is now featuring multi card support. Heres a little screeny of 2 nvidia 295 GTX video cards in action


And even better than that, we are just putting the finishing touches on ati_stream support so every one with a ATI video card can use the power of pyrit for WPA cracking.

Here is a screeny of a 3850 radeon in action on bt4. We would like to give a special thanks to KMDave for the ATI support.


And if thats not enough! There are some more exciting hash cracking tools being developed for CUDA and Linux.

The first one so far that we have fully tested and added to bt4 is the CUDA-Multiforcer by Bitweasil over at cryptohaze. It supports MD5 , MD4 and NTLM hash’s up to 14 chars. I did some runs on a 8800gt card and was clocking about 350 million hash’s per second. The tool does not yet support multi cards, however the author has assured me its on the horizon. When I ran the CUDA-Multi forcer on my 295 gtx I almost had a heart attack when i saw it brute forcing NTLM at a staggering  1154.5M/sec. (Thats M as in million folks). Thats just plain insane!

Heres a little teaser of that in action


Thats all I have for now but I will keep every one updated as new CUDA tool are developed for Security related stuff. I would also like to thank all the guys in #cuda for helping me with my questions while I was getting all this stuff going so that we can keep backtrack as the number one security distro.

>3 Pureh@te