BackTrack R1 Development

BackTrack 4 Release 1 (R1 Dev)

The release of BackTrack 4 unleashed a whirlwind of over 1  million downloads.  Information Security specialists and Penetration Testers from all over the world showing their support and love for the product that has become the #1 Penetration Testing Distribution.  Through an ongoing effort to improve BackTrack we will soon be updating the BT4 kernel to 2.6.34, bringing in much needed hardware support to the world of BackTrack. The new kernel promises relief to Broadcom 4312/5 users, a faster desktop environment, better Intel wireless driver support and much much more. As this kernel change is so dramatic, we will be releasing an unofficial development snapshot with Kernel 2.6.34-rc6 to help us identify kernel and driver compatibility issues which may have popped up.

BackTrack 4 Release 1 (dev)

The unofficial development release will be ready in a  few days, as we straighten out last glitches. The new kernel will also be available from our testing repositories, and should allow for a clean upgrade from normal  BT4 installations. We will keep you posted on the *unofficial* release through this blog.