BackTrack Linux

How to Update to BackTrack 2.6.34

Several people have been asking for instructions on updating hard drive installs of BackTrack - here's a quick set of commands to upgrade your BackTrack machine - and prepare the kernel sources - for example VMWare tools or VirtualBox tools kernel module comp

Backtrack 4 Powered with CUDA

Some really exciting stuff going on in the world of CUDA on backtrack 4. We have updated to cuda 2.2 and will be offering the complete developers environment. This will include every thing you need to write some of your own tools with CUDA if the need arises.

BackTrack 4 Pre Final

BackTrack Base There have been many changes introduced into BackTrack 4 – most notably, our move to an Ubuntu Intrepid base. We now maintain our own full repositories with modified Ubuntu packages in addition to our own penetration testing tools. Another