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Metasploit Unleashed, Again!

Metasploit Unleashed

As promised, our free Metasploit Unleashed Training course is now being regularly maintained and has seen many new additions in the past month. As new features are being added to the Metasploit Framework, we are attempting to add them to the Wiki in order to keep our content fresh and up-to-date to ensure we are providing a valuable resource to our readers. One of the more significant and ambitious changes is the addition of a Module Reference section where we will be adding coverage for as many modules as we can, allowing readers to get a better idea of what results they can expect from a given module.

This month has seen the following amendments to the Metasploit Unleashed wiki:

  • Expanded Basic Metasploit Usage
  • Re-vamped msfconsole Section
  • Added Basic Meterpreter Usage
  • Expanded Exploit Development Section
  • Added Coverage for NeXpose
  • Added Coverage for Privilege Escalation
  • Added Coverage for Persistent Meterpreter Script
  • Added Coverage for PHP Meterpreter and RFI Module
  • Added Metasploitable Coverage
  • Added Meterpreter Search Coverage
  • Added Porting Exploits Section
  • Added Beyond Metasploit Section
  • Added Fully Re-Done SET Section

Started Adding Scanner Modules Under New ‘Module Reference’ Section:

  • scanner/smb/pipe_auditor
  • scanner/smb/pipe_dcerpc_auditor
  • scanner/smb/smb2
  • scanner/smb/smb_enumshares
  • scanner/smb/smb_enumusers
  • scanner/smb/smb_login
  • scanner/smb/smb_lookupsid
  • scanner/smb/smb_version
  • scanner/snmp/community
  • scanner/ssh/ssh_login
  • scanner/ssh/ssh_login_pubkey
  • scanner/ssh/ssh_version

In addition to all of the newly added content, we are pleased to announce that we have migrated away from the older wiki platform to a much more stable and faster system. An extra benefit of the new platform is that it allows for much easier editing on our part so that we can continue to build out Metasploit Unleashed to provide an even better, up-to-date resource for our readers.