Penetration Testing with BackTrack

Penetration Testing with BackTrack – Live Training

Penetration Testing with BackTrack – There has been a lot of focus on high quality training for security professionals lately in the news. Even the US Government has issued statements about the need for security training to be different in the market today.  Much of their research has led them to say that a real-world, hands-on approach to training is more effective than the typical multiple choice training that is out there.

Penetration Testing with BackTrack

For the last 5 years Offensive Security has been changing the face of security training around the globe.  For the last 2 of those years we have been holding high impact live training sessions.  People who have come to these training sessions have described them as “The best training I have ever been in.” and “In 12 years of security training, I have never been in a live training session as intense as this.” Others have said, “This is the best money I have ever spent on a training session in my career.”

Do you want to experience what they have? We have a class in Columbia. MD on Oct 25-29 and there only a few seats left open.  If you want to be part of this class contact us now to reserve your spot.

Our 5 day Live Training offers:
*   5 Days of intense, hands-on security training
*   We provide you a computer to use for the week
*   All materials needed for the class
*   One evening CTF to help prepare for the OSCP certification
*   Breakfast and Lunch

The Live PWB Training Costs $3,500 per person. There are only a few seats left, contact us now to take your security career to the next level or call Chris at 570.510.8488.