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AMFI syscall

Csaba Fitzl covers the `dyld` restriction decision process in macOS and a previously undiscussed or undocumented AMFI (AppleMobileFileIntegrity) system call.

Kernel Debugging macOS with SIP

As security researchers, we often find ourselves needing to look deep into various kernels to fully understand our target and accomplish our goals. Doing so on the Windows platform is no mystery, as there have been countless well-written posts about kernel deb

Exploit Database SearchSploit Update

To help search the local copy of Exploit DB, we created “SearchSploit“, which gives you a powerful command line interface to perform detailed queries. SearchSploit has recently been updated. Let's review the update and the benefits.

My OSCP Guide: A Philosophical Approach

Samuel Whang, a PWK graduate, details his recommendations and a unique philosophical approach for those looking to pursue their OSCP. This article originally appeared on Sep 24, 2019, posted by Samuel Whang. It has been posted with minor edits, with permis