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Behind Enemy Lines: Understanding the Threat of the XZ Backdoor

The following is an excerpt from our new module on the recent XZ Utils backdoor, CVE-2024-3094.   On Mar 29, 2024, at 12:00PM ET, Andres Freund posted on the Openwall mailing list about a backdoor he discovered in the XZ Utils package. The backdoor target

Soft Skills for Cybersecurity Leaders: CISO’s Perspective

The emphasis on technical skills and knowledge in cybersecurity has always been present. However, as the field becomes increasingly complex and intertwined with every facet of business operations, the spotlight has shifted to the indispensable role soft skills

Importance of report writing for pen testers

Pentesters are well known for their technical skill sets, they simulate cyber attacks on computer systems, networks, or applications in a controlled environment. And, their primary goal is to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses to assess the security postu