Retain critical cybersecurity talent with continuous workforce development

Retaining top talent is as important as attracting investment in long-term career growth, and improving talent retention rates with training from OffSec.

<span class='font-bold'>Retain critical cybersecurity talent with continuous workforce development</span>

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Build cyber workforce resilience with our unmatched skills development and hands-on learning platform and library

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5 proven ways continuous workforce development helps with retention

  • 1. Invest in top talent

    Investing in continuous training and development shows your team that you value their professional growth, making them more likely to stay with the organization long-term.
  • 2. Internal promotions over external hiring

    Continuous training allows you to upskill your existing team members, reducing the costs and time associated with external hiring processes.
  • 3. Enhance team productivity and morale

    Engaging, hands-on training exercises not only improve skills but also boost team morale and productivity, further incentivizing staff to stay.
  • 4. Stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape

    Regular updates in training content ensure that your team is always prepared for the latest cybersecurity threats, making them feel more competent and secure in their roles.
  • 5. Compliance and risk mitigation

    A well-trained team is your best defense against cybersecurity threats, helping you maintain compliance with industry regulations and reducing overall business risk.

The OffSec Learning Library (OLL)

The OffSec Learning Library offers a wide array of skills that a cybersecurity professional can learn and master. This depth and breadth not only serve to upskill your team but also offer them a variety of career growth paths within the same organization, contributing to long-term job satisfaction and retention.

The Offsec Learning Library currently covers the following areas:

  • Penetration testing and offensive security
  • Security operations and defense
  • Web application security
  • Exploit development
  • Cloud security
  • Secure software development

Enterprise Cyber Range (ECR)

The Enterprise Cyber Range is a bundle of the OCR, DCR and Versus. With the ECR, enterprises can wage internal cyberwar, pitting red vs. blue in realistic simulations tailored to your technology and attack surface. ECR exposes weaknesses, streamlines collaboration, and gains confidence in your team's ability to defend against even the most sophisticated attacks.

Webinar: How to Upskill Your Team with Hands-on Learning

Webinar: How to Upskill Your Team with Hands-on Learning

Explore cybersecurity training in action: Discover Enterprise Cyber Range’s features and the real-time impact of experiential learning on cyber threats, presented by Owen du Plessis, OffSec's Senior Manager of Lab Development.

OffSec’s features tailored for talent retention

Hands-on skill development

Studies have shown that training that mimics real-world scenarios directly contributes to job satisfaction and long-term retention.

Extensive technical security content

The OffSec Learning Library allows team members to explore various cybersecurity domains, enhancing their skill set and offering multiple avenues for career growth.

Continuous platform and content improvements

With regularly updated content, OffSec's program can adapt to the evolving needs of your organization, making it a long-term investment in talent retention.

Progress tracking and training management

Detailed tracking of individual progress enables timely recognition and rewards, which is excellent for boosting morale and retention.

The One-Stop Cybersecurity Training Hub

Boasting an impressive collection of nearly 6000 hours of written content, over 1500 videos, 2200 hands-on exercises, and 815 in-depth cybersecurity labs, the OLL is your one-stop solution for cybersecurity training. All of these resources are mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework and are accessible from a single, user-friendly platform.


Hours of written content


In-depth cybersecurity labs




Learning modules

Staying ahead of emerging threats

Our ever-expanding library is updated monthly with new content, ensuring that your team has access to the latest information and tools they need to stay ahead of the cybersecurity curve.

Prepare your team with cybersecurity skills development that focuses on the right mindset

At OffSec, we believe in nurturing a growth mindset and honing problem-solving skills through practical, real-world scenarios. Our platform is designed to not only impart technical knowledge but also to foster complex thinking and adaptability in dynamic environments, ultimately enhancing your organization's cybersecurity defenses.

Address the cybersecurity skills gap with a solution created to meet the specific needs of the enterprise

OffSec’s Learn Enterprise solution addresses the cybersecurity talent gap through continuous skills development and knowledge acquisition.

Invest in your team's professional development with OffSec, a leader in the infosec training industry, and demonstrate your commitment to achieving cybersecurity excellence.

Seamlessly manage, track, and report on your team’s progress

OffSec’s platform offers a unified platform to manage your cybersecurity workforce training and development, track your team’s progress, and easily demonstrate your team’s skills and capabilities.

Get your team mission-ready with the most realistic labs on the market

Prepare your team for real-world cyber threats with Enterprise Cyber Range, which offers the most realistic, hands-on labs on the market. These labs simulate enterprise environments, providing your team with the opportunity to test their technical, mental, and tactical skills in real-world incident scenarios.

Why OffSec is the top choice for your organization’s cybersecurity skills development goals

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