100% OSCP Certified Team: How PacketLabs Recruits Top Talent

OffSec Client Spotlight

Recognizing the intrinsic value of a strong and capable cybersecurity team, PacketLabs has been proactive in navigating the imminent skills shortage that plagues the industry. 

They embarked on a meticulous search for an industry-recognized course and certification that would serve as a trusted and reliable hiring benchmark, ensuring a team of highly qualified practitioners equipped with the skills necessary to face the evolving cybersecurity landscape with confidence. 

Furthermore, PacketLabs puts a large emphasis on the methodological approach and soft skills in pentesting, and this is also precisely what a vendor they would choose as the benchmark needed to have in its curriculum and teach those that take the certification.

Enter OffSec. Through their partnership with OffSec, PacketLabs has now established an “OSCP minimum” in their hiring process to ensure they are only hiring top talent. 

Watch the full video case study to learn how PacketLabs is navigating the skills shortage and continues to hire top talent using OffSec certification as a benchmark.