The Cybersecurity Skills Gap: Time to Step Up with OffSec’s Red Teaming and IoT Learning Paths

Mar 26, 2024


Content Team

The cybersecurity landscape is indeed challenged by a significant skills gap, with reports highlighting the critical shortage of professionals equipped to handle escalating cyber threats. The 2023 Global Cybersecurity Skills Gap Report from Fortinet underscores the urgency of this issue, revealing that a vast majority of organizations are facing more breaches due to a lack of skilled cybersecurity professionals. Specifically, the report found that 86% of decision-makers in cybersecurity recognize that the manpower shortage increases cyber risks for companies. 

OffSec is on a mission to address this critical challenge with its cutting-edge Red Teaming and Internet of Things (IoT) Learning Paths. These in-depth programs transcend generic tutorials, equipping learners with the real-world skills to tackle the complex security vulnerabilities in two of today’s most targeted areas.

The Red Teaming Advantage: Think Like an Attacker, Defend Like a Pro

Available to our Learn Enterprise and Learn Unlimited Learners, the Red Teaming Learning Path1 puts your defenses to the ultimate test. To outsmart attackers, security professionals must understand their tactics and techniques. The Red Teaming Learning Path provides a deep dive into advanced strategies:

  • Evasion Mastery: Learn how to impair Windows Event Tracing and manipulate event logs, staying under the radar of EDR solutions and threat monitoring.
  • Process Injection for Stealth: Master diverse process injection methods for seamless code execution within legitimate processes, bypassing detection protocols.
  • Red Teaming Mindset: Develop the strategic approach of a real-world attacker, identifying critical vulnerabilities and bolstering defenses with actionable insights.

This Learning Path is geared towards red team specialists that have successfully completed our PEN-300 course and earned their OSEP certification.

Securing the IoT Frontier: From Analysis to Exploitation

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the vast and rapidly growing network of physical devices embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies that connect and exchange data over the internet. From smart speakers and wearable devices to industrial control systems, IoT promises convenience and automation. However, this interconnectedness also creates a vast and often poorly secured attack surface for malicious actors.

OffSec’s IoT Learning Path2, available to all Learners, empowers you to address these unique challenges. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Embedded Systems Foundations: Understand the core concepts, architectures, and operating systems that underpin IoT devices. This foundational knowledge is crucial for effective security analysis, as it allows you to grasp how these devices function and communicate.
  • Firmware Forensics: Learn firmware analysis to uncover hidden flaws, using tools like Binwalk and unblob. Firmware holds valuable information about the device, including potential security weaknesses.
  • ARM Assembly Proficiency: Grasp the low-level language often used in embedded devices, equipping you to reverse-engineer software and craft custom exploits. Understanding assembly opens the door to a deeper understanding of how these devices work and where they may be vulnerable.

Why OffSec?

Having explored the growing threat landscape, the unique security challenges of IoT devices and the need for in-depth red team skills, you might be wondering: Why choose OffSec’s Learning Paths to bridge this critical skills gap?  Here’s why OffSec stands apart:

  1. Real-World Focus: We move beyond theory, immersing learners in practical scenarios, replicating the challenges faced by security teams.
  2. Attacker’s Perspective: Understand the adversary’s mindset to build more robust defenses.
  3. Security by Design: Our paths emphasize integrating security into development, preventing vulnerabilities in the first place.

Fortifying the Digital Frontier: Red Teaming and Understanding IoT

In the face of escalating cyber threats, proactive defense strategies are essential.  Red Teaming stands out as a crucial tool for exposing vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious actors. OffSec’s Red Teaming Learning Path empowers you to think like an adversary, identify critical flaws, and bolster your organization’s defenses.

Meanwhile, the rapid evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) demands a deep understanding of how these interconnected devices work. OffSec’s IoT Learning Path provides you with the fundamental knowledge of embedded systems, firmware analysis, and the low-level language often used in IoT devices.  This foundational understanding is essential for anticipating potential threats and developing effective countermeasures.

By mastering both Red Teaming and the underlying principles of IoT, you’ll gain a powerful advantage in navigating the complexities of the digital landscape.

1 Available to Learn Unlimited and Learn Enterprise subscription holders
2 Available to all OffSec Learn subscription holders