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We are finally ready to present the free information security trainingMetasploit Unleashed (MSFU) – Mastering the Framework. This resource will be a living, breathing Metasploit (MSF) documentation entity. We will keep on updating and adding new modules and chapters as the MSF evolves.

For a long time there has been a gap in good, approachable and affordable information security training for the Metasploit Framework. With little to no resources, it was too easy to overlook many of the strong and powerful features that this tool provides.

The current version of the MSFU online course is based on donations – if you enjoy the course – consider making a donation to HFC via the “donations” page. The Video / PDF version of the course has been held back until the MSF will release a stable v3.3 – so we don’t miss out on all the new and wonderful features which are being included.

I would like to personally thank all the individuals involved in the creation of this course. We believe this is going towards a good cause, which is bigger than ourselves.

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Metasploit Unleashed (MSFU)
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