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Apr 18, 2023


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The OffSec Learning Library is a comprehensive platform for cybersecurity workforce development that is continually growing. Today, we are thrilled to announce a new cybersecurity training solution!

Attract, assess, develop, and retain talent with Learn Enterprise.


Learn Unlimited was our first solution for organizations that provided cybersecurity workforce development and training. The following case studies showcase how organizations leveraged our training to upskill talent:

  • Pulsar Security implemented an effective, continuous workforce development program by leveraging our training. 
  • By partnering with us, Pôle Formation Des Industries Technologique’s learners not only learned relevant technical skills but also cybersecurity methodologies and soft skills needed for a successful career in the field.

The success of Learn Unlimited substantiated the need for a more robust solution for cybersecurity education, training, and workforce development.

Created to meet the specific needs of the enterprise, Learn Enterprise closes the cybersecurity talent gap through continuous skills development and knowledge acquisition. This solution includes: 

  • All Learning Library content, courses, and labs
  • Access for every license holder to their own Cyber Range
  • An admin panel with real-time usage and analytics reporting
  • Bonus certification exams
  • Reassignable licenses throughout the term


Develop talent and build cyber resilience with the all-new OffSec Cyber Range! OCR is part of our Learn Enterprise solution and is tightly integrated with our Learning Library.

Engage your team in on-demand simulated labs to test their skills, experience, and preparedness against modern cyber threats and attack methods. 

OCR simulates real-world network configurations and vulnerabilities. Labs are updated regularly with the latest exploit vectors for offensive and defensive teams.

Features Attack Vectors
  • Individual instances of all OCR machines
  • Powered up on demand
  • Enterprise reporting
  • Sort by attack type
  • Windows and Linux Machines
  • Every chain has an Active Directory
  • Every chain has Pivoting and Tunneling 
  • Non-web Attacks (SQL & SMB)


Boost engagement and retention of talent with rigorous, real-world cybersecurity training for your employees.

Real-world Attack Vectors
Strengthen your security posture by ensuring that your team can recognize and protect against threats in a safe and controlled environment.
Identify Skills Gaps
Address skill and knowledge gaps, identify strengths and weaknesses, and use this knowledge to develop further cybersecurity learning efforts for your organization. 
Attract and Retain Top Talent
Build a bench of talent with the right level of knowledge to minimize the impact of unexpected attrition.
Instilling Adversarial Thinking
Our content instills the adversarial mindset. To get ahead and prevent attacks, we teach attacker methodologies and the attacker’s mindset. 


What’s standing in the way of IT security being more successful at defending against cyberthreats? According to CyberEdge’s 2023 Cyberthreat Defense Report, it’s “Lack of skilled personnel,” “low security awareness among employees,” and “too much data to analyze” top the list of this year’s obstacles to IT security.

87% of organizations can’t hire enough skilled IT security personnel.1

IT security pros say the top benefits of cybersecurity certifications are expanded knowledge, increased respect, and improved job satisfaction, more than compensation and employment opportunities.2

To learn more about the IT security skills shortage and the barriers to establishing effective defenses, read CyberEdge’s 2023 Cyberthreat Defense Report

OffSec is a silver sponsor for CyberEdge’s 2023 report. The Cyberthreat Defense Report provides a comprehensive overview of IT security perceptions in our industry. Use the findings to benchmark your company’s security posture, operating budget, product investments, and best practices against peers in your industry and region. 


1 2023 Cyberthreat Defense Report (Annapolis: CyberEdge Group, 2023), 16
2 2023 Cyberthreat Defense Report (Annapolis: CyberEdge Group, 2023), 26


Your organization can address the skills gap by offering professional development and certification opportunities. This can be through training, covering the cost of certification exams, and slotting in time for employees to work on the training and certifications as part of their job.

Once you identify the cybersecurity skills needed on your team and prioritize them by job role, you can ensure that team members gain the necessary skills to combat threats. Our guide will walk you through how to: 

  • Build a cybersecurity competency model by job role
  • Measure the competency of your current technical team
  • Identify strengths on the team and room for growth
  • Develop a skills acquisition strategy

The OffSec Learning Library helps learners build indispensable skills by offering a comprehensive variety of offensive and defensive content. Learners have access to content for entry-level to advanced cybersecurity positions. Beyond penetration testing and exploit development, we have widened the breadth of our teachings in the following domains:


Ready to build a security team and a rigorous cybersecurity training program that you can scale? Visit our Learn Enterprise and OCR pages to book a meeting with a learning and skills development expert.

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