Offsec say, you must Try Harder

Offensive Security Say – Try Harder!

Offsec students go through hell. They endure levels of stress and frustration beyond what is considered normal, and we at Offsec appreciate this. So much in fact, that we’ve dedicated the following song to anyone who’s taken an Offsec course, and tried harder!

Offensive Security – Try Harder

This one is dedicated to all those who complete dem Offsec certifications,
di ones who nah falter who nah waiver,
di ones who try harder and get braver!
Ya must not FAIL, ya must not make it a BUST,
Try Harder you MUST!


Offsec Say Try Harder!
Only way to get your OSCP
You must try harder, harder than you can believe
Cause that’s the Offsec Philosophy! X 2

Banging ya head against di desk
Can’t believe ya in such a mess
six foot deep inside a Offsec Penetration Test
While ya tunnel and ya pivot, hit the dirt like a divot
Pain and Sufferance boy you mi say you know it and you live it!
But you must break yourself past your own perceived limits
When ya want to throw in the towel, just say f’ it and just quit it,
Saying Bob, I just don’t get it, the answer mon, what is it?
Him say “Forget it kiddo, Dis is Offsec mon ya must just get with it”.

Do you want to be a giant or do ya want to be a midget,
Ya wanna be Offsec certified or out there developing widgets,
Pick ya head up off and desk put ya fingers on those digits
we got a saying round these parts,
we breathe it and we live it , it goes


Tricia the vicious one she laughing in your face!
You get humbled by the Humble man via cyberspace!
The road a long like marathon not little 50 meter race
Nah wanna crash and no burn no wanna fall from grace!
24 hour test, want put your head pon pillowcase –
But ya can’t quit it now dis ya challenge ya must embrace!
Sit up straight, brush ya teeth with some a dat good old toothpaste
Do some pushups, drink some coffee, splash cold water pan you face….
Then get back inna di game,
So di world can know ya name
That Offsec certification is the hacking hall of fame
There’s no end to the acclaim, so your confidence regain,
You’ve come dis far so to stop now’d just be
one big crying shame

Any doubts you must just drop this
This exam you cannot flop dis
You also cannot stop this so
Like Suey, you must Chop This!
Like a floor you muss mop this!
Like Woodstock you must Rock This!
Buck up, and just try harder.
me telling you, you GOT DIS.

Harder, and harder, and harder and harder…
Life so very short so give it ya all, seh you gotta
This penetration test just a sample of tings fi come
life so very short so inna yours ya must get some and…