Offsec Exploit Weekend

Aloha Offsec students! You’ve been slapped around by Bob, abused by Nicky and crushed by NNM. Just as you thought it was over, Offensive Security now comes up with a brand new type of pain. This one is for all you hardcore exploit developers out there, who want a real challenge – an Offsec “Exploit Weekend”.
This is the deal: We provide you with a proof of concept, with EIP handed to you on a golden platter. All you need to do is get a shell….muhahaha. The event will take place next weekend, 13th-14th of November and is open to Offsec alumni only. The first person to send in a working POC with a bindshell payload on port 4444 wins a 32 GB WiFi Ipad!

For more information, check out the Offsec Student forms. If you haven’t signed up for the 1day club forums, send in an email to our orders dept. with your OSID!