Empowering the Cybersecurity Workforce: OffSec and Climb Channel Solutions Join Forces

Sep 25, 2023


Content Team

We’re proud to announce our partnership with Climb Channel Solutions, an international specialty technology distributor! As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, organizations and individuals must arm themselves with the knowledge to combat cyber threats. With this partnership, we aim to help organizations build cyber resilience by providing renowned, best-in-class cybersecurity training.

Unprecedented Opportunities for Organizations

Our strategic alliance with Climb in the U.S. and Canada marks a milestone in the cybersecurity training industry. By leveraging Climb’s extensive distribution network and our robust Learning Library, this partnership opens a world of unprecedented opportunities for organizations. Climb’s go-to-market strategy, outstanding reputation with resellers, and ability to reach a large customer base align with our mission to provide industry-leading cybersecurity training solutions to businesses and organizations. 

Continuous Cyber Workforce Development 

The OffSec Learning Library is continuously growing with offensive and defensive cybersecurity training content, helping combat current and emerging cyber threats while providing the necessary resources for learners to build indispensable skills. By partnering with us, Climb will offer a comprehensive range of cybersecurity courses and certifications to equip learners with practical, real-world knowledge and hands-on experience. Reseller partners and their customers will gain insights into the latest cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and defensive strategies, arming them with the tools to safeguard against ever-evolving cyber risks.

Our cyber workforce development solution is designed to build practical, real-world skills through interactive simulations and hands-on challenges. Organizations can foster a culture of cyber preparedness with offensive and defensive training that:

  • Exceeds quality standards 
  • Helps learners build the adversarial mindset 
  • Provides immersive, rigorous, and impactful learning experiences
  • Continuously updates with new content and the latest threat vectors 

A Partnership for a More Secure Future 

Leveraging our training, Climb equips resellers with the knowledge and tools they require to drive success and shape a more secure digital landscape. As cyber threats continue to escalate in sophistication and frequency, Climb provides not only the right tools and products but also the crucial training required to meet the cybersecurity challenges businesses experience.

With our Global Partner Program, we help partners like Climb cultivate a highly qualified workforce, addressing the critical demands of both the private and public sectors.

Interested in becoming a partner? Apply now to join our Partner Program. 


The cybersecurity skills gap remains a significant challenge for organizations across all sectors. Our partnership with Climb Channel Solutions heralds an exciting era of cybersecurity training. By equipping cyber teams with real-world skills, together, we are building the path to a more secure future.