AWE Vienna Course: Advanced Windows Exploitation

Advanced Windows Exploitation Vienna

The Advanced Windows Exploitation (AWE) class in Vienna is coming up quick!

 This will be our first time teaching the class outside of the US and is the only public planned AWE this year outside of BlackHat Vegas. We have secured a beautiful facility on the 24th floor of the Millennium Tower on the Vienna waterfront, and still have a couple of seats left open. So if you are interested in coming now is the time to take action!

 Doing the class in a week long schedule is great as it allows so much more time to go deep into the material. Students always tell us how challenging the class is, including:

Best training in decades, painful, and a totally worthwhile experience.

This is the most advanced, hands on exploit class I have ever attended.

This is an amazing class! Nothing I read prepared me for what we did in class. This material is unique in our industry and provides very valuable hands-on experience.

With that much pressure, the extra day allows freedom to really stretch your legs. Thats not to say its any easier however, just that we have that much more time to torture all the attendees and prepare them for the OSEE exam.

The OSEE is a 72 hour trial that forces you to prove you have what it takes to bypass the protections enabled by modern Windows based operating systems. There is really nothing like it in the industry, and only a select few successfully complete the exam.

We have a little something extra planned this time as well with a special prize for the student that completes a specific challenge first. If you would like to learn a bit more, be sure to listen to the EuroTrash Security podcast where we had a chance to talk some about what is in store for attendees.

So sign up now before you miss your chance. Looking forward to seeing Vienna!