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Building strong fundamentals for security operations

Equip learners with fundamental skills for defensive cybersecurity challenges. Our Security Operations Essentials Learning Path includes:

  • Foundational frameworks: Gain essential insights into the Lockheed-Martin Cyber Kill Chain and MITRE ATT&CK frameworks.

  • Endpoint operations basics: Develop basic proficiency in Windows and Linux endpoint management and security.

  • Server-side attack countermeasures: Learn the key fundamentals for techniques necessary to protect against server-side attacks on both platforms.

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Forming the bedrock of cybersecurity knowledge

Explore Linux and Windows basics, advance through networking fundamentals, and delve into scripting with PowerShell and Python. Our learning path prepares learners for their journey into the dynamic cybersecurity landscape.

Preparing for SOC-200 and OSDA

Preparing for SOC-200 and OSDA

This Learning Path sets the stage for success in the SOC-200 course, a vital step towards the OSDA certification. It's tailored for those embarking on a defensive cybersecurity journey.

  • Essential groundwork: Lays the foundation for security operations and analysis.
  • Role-specific preparation: Equips learners for blue team roles, focusing on attacker TTPs and defensive strategies.
  • Skills for threat detection: Introduces techniques for identifying and responding to cyber threats.
  • Broad security insight: Offers a primer on key topics like endpoint security and network defense.

Key modules in the SOC Essentials Learning Path

SOC Management Processes

  • Introduction to SOC workflow, Cyber Kill Chain, Logging, Operational Security, Security Management.

Linux Networking and Services

  • An introduction to how networking works on Linux, including IP, DNS, SSH and basic protocols.

Enterprise Network Architecture

  • This learning module is designed to give learners a fundamental understanding of enterprise network architecture.

Python Scripting Basics

  • Introduction to Python Scripting, including variables, loops, branches and functions.

Windows Networking and Services

  • Introduction to how networking works on Windows, including IP, DNS, firewalls and services.

Introduction to Active Directory

  • Introduction to basic Active Directory concepts and theory.

PowerShell Scripting Basics

  • Introduction to PowerShell scripting, including cmdlets, variables, loops, branches and functions.

Data Manipulation in Python

  • Explaining data conversion between decimal, binary and hexadecimal in Python, how to build buffers with binary data along with read and writing files.

Security Operations Essentials through a Learn Subscription

Boost your organization's cybersecurity with the Security Operations Essentials learning path, exclusively available via any Learn subscription. Teams benefit from:

Diverse Learning Paths

Training across multiple cybersecurity domains tailored for enterprise needs.

Real-world challenges

Engage your team in practical scenarios with Proving Grounds Play and Practice.

Up-to-date content

Stay ahead with content that reflects the ever-changing threat landscape.

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Learn Fundamentals is designed to help learn essential cybersecurity concepts and provide the prerequisite skills necessary for our courses & certifications. Gain access to the growing library of fundamental learning paths and demonstrate achievement with assessments and badges.

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How does the Security Operations Essentials learning path fit within OffSec's offerings?

The learning path serves as a fundamental step, preparing learners for foundational security operations and defensive analysis training like SOC-200.

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