Students find cybersecurity career success after completing Offensive Security courses 

Offensive Security Cybersecurity Training Case Study

Pôle Formation Des Industries Technologiques is a French training center that specializes in high-level degrees in cybersecurity, among other fields. Students often take work-study courses under an apprenticeship with various companies. This allows them to obtain a recognized diploma while gaining professional experience.

Pôle needed a partnership with a cybersecurity training provider that can equip its students for successful careers in cybersecurity. This included training that not only taught relevant technical skills but also cybersecurity methodologies and soft skills needed for a successful career in the field. Furthermore, industry-recognized certifications were required for students to advance their careers.

Through a partnership with Offensive Security,  Pôle students had the opportunity to enroll in the PEN-200 course and earn the coveted OSCP. Students who successfully completed the course were able to prove technical acumen and were given a merit salary increase and promotions across the board. 

Read the case study to learn more about how Pôle students found success in their cybersecurity careers.


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