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Nov 8, 2023

Build Your Cybersecurity Career Path with Learn One

Learn One offers flexibility and everything you need to earn a cert and build your cybersecurity career. Discover more about this value-packed subscription.

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Build Your Cybersecurity Career Path with Learn One

A Learn One annual subscription offers the ultimate flexibility and practical cybersecurity training to prepare you to earn a certification and demonstrate job readiness. Whether you’re starting your journey or aiming to level up your skills, this subscription offers the flexibility, resources, and support you need to succeed.

Let’s walk you through what this value-packed subscription offers in detail. 

The Ultimate Flexibility

One of the standout features of Learn One is its flexibility. It’s designed for both newcomers and seasoned professionals looking to advance their careers. With a full year of access to course materials, you have the freedom to balance your life and learning without the stress and time constraints that often hinder progress.

Notably, Learn One provides you with two exam attempts, so even if the first one doesn’t go as planned, you’ll have a second chance at success. The subscription also includes a year of unlimited access to Fundamental Learning Paths. You’ll gain the prerequisites for your chosen course, ensuring you have a strong understanding of the basics. For instance, our Network Penetration Testing Essentials Learning Path provides all the prerequisite knowledge you’ll need for PEN-200 and the OSCP

An All-Inclusive Subscription

Learn One will empower you on your cybersecurity career path with:

  • A Full Year of Course and Lab Access – You’ll have an entire year of access to a course of your choice, offering ample time for effective learning. Choose from a core course in penetration testing, web application security, security operations, or exploit development
  • 2 Exam Attempts – Give the first exam your all. If you don’t pass, you’ll have a second chance to prove your skills and earn an OffSec certification. 
  • Unlimited Access to all Learning Paths: Develop a specific skill through small, concentrated blocks of content. Gain the prereqs for SOC-200 with Security Operations Essentials. Get into Active Directory, or Get Good at Python
  • PEN-103 + 1 KLCP Exam Attempt: Improve your command of the Kali Linux distribution.
  • PEN-210 + 1 OSWP Exam Attempt: Expand your skill set with an additional course in wireless attacks. 
  • Proving Grounds Practice Labs: Get even more practice! Test your skills in real-world virtual labs.

Suitable for All Levels 

Learn One isn’t just for beginners. We found that most learners enrolled in 300-level courses took six months to clear the certification. Thus, Learn One can be as valuable to 300-level learners as it is for beginners. Our research has also shown that most learners purchased an additional exam attempt.

You can now understand the all-in-one value of Learn One for advanced courses like PEN-300, WEB-300, and EXP-312. Beyond enrolling in an advanced course, you’ll also gain access to more advanced Learning Paths like:

Our Unique Learning Approach

Beyond the flexibility and comprehensive cybersecurity training that Learn One offers, what makes it different? Ingrained within our training is the importance of developing the security mindset, which involves a cycle of trial, failure, adaptation, growth, and triumph. Encouraging the development of this mentality distinguishes our approach and courses from the rest.

What Learners Have Said 

Here’s what some learners had to share about their Learn One experience:

  1. Stephen Lane – Ethical Hacker and future Pentester: “I knew I needed some sort of additional training [for] the fundamentals. That’s where I saw PEN-100 [now Network Penetration Testing Essentials]… it got you familiar with the basics like networking, web fundamentals, and the Linux kernel. That has drastically helped me in the PEN-200 course. I think for someone who is coming into the offensive security side of things, it really pays off.”
  2. Aaron Gray – Security Analyst, OSCP: “I took this exam after purchasing the ‘Learn One’ course… and I’d thoroughly recommend anyone who is intending to dip their toes into penetration testing to consider the subscription courses provided by OffSec. Having the time to work through the material while balancing work and family was key to my success here.”

Simplifying Your Purchase Decision 

We understood how learners could experience analysis paralysis with the breadth of courses and content we offer. With Learn One, there is no need to purchase a lab extension, exam retake, or gain prerequisite knowledge from an outside source. 

What’s more, Learn One is not only cost-effective but also priced below industry standards for training at this practical, hands-on level. Employers may allocate a training budget of $5,000 to $6,000 per employee per year. With Learn One, you get all the training you need at a fraction of the cost, making it accessible to more cybersecurity professionals.

Start Your Cybersecurity Journey  

There isn’t a better time to make a decision than now – whether you’re an aspiring or seasoned cybersecurity practitioner.

For a limited time, you can sign up for a Learn One annual subscription and save 20%. 

With a focus on comprehensive learning resources and real-world preparedness, Learn One is your all-in-one solution for a thriving career in cybersecurity. 

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