Conquer the cloud: Master offensive security strategies

OffSec Learning Path: Offensive Cloud Security

Outsmart attackers and proactively defend your cloud assets (data centers, infrastructure, applications, and more). Delve into sophisticated cloud penetration testing, CI/CD pipeline exploitation, and container escape techniques. Learners will:

  • Uncover and exploit complex cloud vulnerabilities

  • Harden cloud configurations for maximum resilience

  • Skillfully analyze and remediate cloud-specific threats

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One of three cloud security Learning Paths

Outsmart cloud-based attacks

This Learning Path goes beyond fundamental practices, transforming you into a cloud security specialist. Master advanced cloud reconnaissance, CI/CD attack techniques, and countermeasures for container escapes.

Who is this Learning Path for?

  • Penetration testers eager to specialize in cloud environments
  • Security teams seekings to address cloud-specific weaknesses
  • Ambitious learners ready to master advanced offensive cloud security

Learning objectives

  • Master cloud-native attack vectors and secure cloud configurations.
  • Identify and leverage CI/CD weaknesses for tactical offense.
  • Learn to break out of containers and gain control of underlying systems.
  • Implement robust authentication and authorization in the cloud.
  • Understand and prevent deserialization-based attacks and cloud applications.

Key modules in the Offensive Cloud Learning Path

Public Cloud Reconnaissance - External Probing

  • Identifying public cloud resources online by reconnaissance of DNS attributes, discovering publicly shared resources, and some examples of techniques to abuse the CSP API to obtain more information about the target.

Attacking CI/CD: Leaked Secrets to Poisoned Pipeline

  • Discover a web application using an insecure S3 bucket. From the S3 bucket we'll discover credentials in a leftover git folder which gives us access to giteat. From there we'll find a Jenkinsfile which we can exploit. The final exploit will result in full compromise of the environment.

Attacking CI/CD: Dependency Chain Abuse

  • By discovering custom build dependencies in an application, we'll discover a method to inject malware into the dependency which will be executed in production. From production, we'll find a vulnerability in Jenkins which will get us access to the entire environment.

Cloud Reconnaissance - Post-Compromise - IAM

  • This module will analyze the procedures and techniques involved in reconnaissance and enumeration once an attacker gets an initial access of compromise to a CSP account.

Attacking CI/CD: Insufficient Flow Control

  • We'll start by finding a git server with registration open. From there we'll discover builders for some docker images. We'll insert malware into the docker images which will be pushed to production.

Container Escapes: Information Gathering, Host Interaction, Sensitive Data Exposure

  • Gathering the required information which will be used to escape out of a container.

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Offensive Cloud

Earning an OffSec Learning Badge

Showcase your growing secure coding proficiency! Upon completing 80% of the Offensive Cloud Learning Path, you'll receive an exclusive OffSec badge signifying:

  • Specialized expertise: In-depth cloud vulnerability identification and mitigation
  • Industry recognition: Adds a powerful OffSec credential to your skillset
  • Hands-on mastery: Proven ability to execute cloud security techniques in practice

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  1. Public Cloud Reconnaissance - External Probing
  2. Public Cloud Reconnaissance - Post-Compromise - IAM
  3. Attacking CICD Leaked Secrets to Poisoned Pipeline
  4. Attacking CICD Insufficient Flow Control
  5. Attacking CICD Dependency Chain Abuse
  6. Container Escapes Information Gathering
  7. Container Escapes Interacting with the Host
  8. Discovering Exposed Docker Sockets
  9. Discovering Exposed Kubernetes Dashboards

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