Build a strong cloud foundation with hands-on training

OffSec Learning Path: Cloud Essentials

Master the fundamentals of cloud environments, proactively addressing security challenges from the start. Delve into containers, AWS, and Kubernetes, preparing for advanced cloud security roles. Learners will:

  • Understand common cloud configuration weaknesses

  • Develop secure cloud design strategies

  • Build essential cloud security awareness

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One of three cloud security Learning Paths

Strengthen your cloud security proficiency

This Learning Path trains learners on foundational concepts, emphasizing secure cloud practices. Develop a security-centric understanding of essential cloud technologies to confidently tackle real-world cloud challenges.

Who is this Learning Path for?

  • Developers and engineers seeking to build secure cloud applications
  • Security professionals expanding their knowledge of cloud environments
  • Ambitious learners ready to strengthen their cloud skills with a security force

Learning objectives

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of container technologies and orchestration
  • Navigate, configure, and secure AWS services
  • Master Kubernetes fundamentals for efficient cloud deployments
  • Build a strong security mindset when working with cloud infrastructure

Topics covered in the Cloud Essentials Learning Path

Introduction to AWS

  • Introduce the foundational services provided by AWS: S3, VPC, IAM, ec2, Lambda, Route53, ELB, CloudTrail, ECS, and EKS.

Cloud Architecture Fundamentals

  • Introduce Cloud Architecture terminology and concepts for a secure architecture. Concepts and Terminology might include ephemeral components and designs, SaaS vs PaaS vs IaaS, Microservices, Infrastructure as Code, Secrets Management, CI/CD pipelines, Serverless components and design, RBAC, Cloud Native Landscape, and community driven application and system standards.

Containers and Containerization

  • Introduction on how to use docker and podman to start a container. Focus on mounting volumes and interacting with the container. Introduce container images, how to build them with Buildah, and how to build them with Docker.

Kubernetes Basics

  • Introducing declarative and imperative kubectl, starting to use deployments and services, introducing pods and different kubernetes implementations and concepts.

Cloud Security Best Practices

  • Learn the foundations of cloud security through topics that include Kubernetes, dashboards, sockets, and containers.

Cloud Essentials overview




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Cloud Essentials

Earning an OffSec Learning Badge

Showcase your growing secure coding proficiency! Upon completing 80% of the Cloud Essentials Learning Path, you'll receive an exclusive OffSec badge signifying:

  • Secure foundation: Knowledge of core cloud technologies with security emphasis
  • Industry recognition: Adds an OffSec achievement to your skillset
  • Continued growth: OffSec badges signify a commitment to learning

 Why train your team with OffSec?

Security-first approach

Prioritize secure cloud practices from architecture to use

Robust protection

Strengthen cloud configurations and mitigate risks

Stay ahead of trends

Understand evolving cloud threats and defenses

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  1. Introduction to AWS
  2. Cloud Architecture Overview
  3. Containers for Cloud 1
  4. Containers for Cloud 2
  5. SQL Injection for Developers
  6. Introduction to Kubernetes I
  7. Introduction to Kubernetes II
  8. Cloud Object Storage

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