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Fundamental cloud security training

As the transition to cloud-based network architecture continues to gain momentum, a solid understanding of the basics of cloud security is crucial for every enterprise security team member. The Introduction to Cloud Security learning path equips a learner with:

  • A foundational grasp of Cloud Architecture, Container Technology, and Kubernetes.

  • Familiarity with cloud design patterns and essential security controls.

  • Practical know-how for managing containerized environments.

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One of three cloud security Learning Paths

Cloud security: starting with the basics

Understand and apply the fundamentals of cloud security, from Cloud Architecture and Container Technology to mastering essential security controls. OffSec's modules are designed to give learners a clear and concise introduction to the world of cloud security.

Paving the way to relevant course and certification

Paving the way to relevant course and certification

This Learning Path is a critical starting point for understanding the security challenges and best practices in cloud environments. It's designed to deliver tangible benefits for roles focused on securing cloud-based systems:

  • Comprehensive security overview: Delivers an in-depth understanding of cloud security principles, vital for IT security roles.
  • Practical defense strategies: Equips learners with hands-on skills to implement robust security measures in cloud infrastructures.
  • Risk management focus: Highlights key strategies in identifying and mitigating risks specific to cloud computing.
  • Future-proof skills: Addresses the latest security trends and challenges in cloud technology, preparing learners for evolving threats.

Key modules in Introduction to Cloud Learning Path

Cloud Architecture Overview

  • This learning module is designed to give learners a fundamental understanding of Cloud architecture.

Discovering Exposed Docker Sockets

  • This learning module is designed to give learners a fundamental understanding of discovering exposed Docker sockets.

Introduction to Kubernetes

  • Part 1: Introducing declarative and imperative kubectl, starting to use deployments and services, introducing pods and different kubernetes implementations and concepts.

Discovering Exposed Kubernetes Dashboards

  • Introduction to discovering an exposed Kubernetes Dashboard. Explains how a Kubernetes dashboard is securely configured and how one might become exposed. Demonstrates how to discover exposed dashboards using nmap.

Getting Started with Git

  • Outlines Git features and technical characteristics. Teaches learners to use help, configure local Git repositories, interact with Git objects, and push/pull to and from a remote repository.

Git Branching and Merging

  • Explores more advanced Git commands and features, like branching, stashing, merging, rebasing, squashing, and forking.

Introduction to Git Security

  • Covers security concepts related to Git like exposing sensitive information, authentication and authorization methods, gitignore, unsigned commits, and logs (reviewing and undoing).

Introduction to Encoding, Serialization, XML, JSON, and YAML

  • Covers basics around XML, JSON and YAML.

Containers for Cloud

  • Introduction on how to use docker and podman to start a container. Focus on mounting volumes and interacting with the container. Introduce container images, how to build them with Buildah, and how to build them with Docker.

Intro to AWS

  • Introduce the foundational services provided by AWS: S3, VPC, IAM, ec2, Lambda, Route53, ELB, CloudTrail, ECS, and EKS.

Why OffSec for cloud security?

Our comprehensive approach combines expert instruction, current content, and an expansive learning library to empower your team in navigating cloud security challenges.

Focused cloud security curriculum

Essential knowledge and skills in practical scenarios.

Expert cloud security instructors

Insightful guidance from seasoned security professionals.

Current cloud security content

Continually updated to reflect evolving cloud security trends.

Expansive, relevant learning resources

A growing library covering in-demand cloud security topics.

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How does the Introduction to Cloud Security learning path fit within OffSec's offerings?

The learning path serves as a crucial step in understanding the basics of cloud security, ensuring learners have a solid foundation before diving into more specialized areas of cybersecurity.

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