The Schmooze Strikes Back

se ctf

The Social Engineering Defcon 19 CTF For the last 2 years now, Social-Engineer.Org’s mission has been to raise awareness for social engineering.

Security technology has not been able to stop the advances of attackers leveraging social engineering techniques in order to gain unauthorized access to global organizations and fortune 500 companies.

Offensive Security is proud to again be a sponsor for’s Defcon 19 Social Engineering Capture the Flag (SECTF) 2: “The Schmooze Strikes Back”. Using the lessons we learned form Defcon 18, we expect to once again set new standards for raising awareness of social engineering issues.

Last years SECTF certainly set the standard for social engineering contests. The CTF clearly demonstrated how easy it was for social engineers to extract information from targets on the phone. Our final report was downloaded over 300,000 times and helped organizations make dramatic improvements of their security programs.

This year we have refreshed the format and made some improvements to the contest itself. To find out more about this year’s SECTF or to show case your social engineering skills click the Social Engineering Defcon 19 CTF post to read all the details and register.