Offensive Security partners with Spectrum Equity

A New Partnership

It’s been a busy few months for us here, and for good reason. Today we are proud to announce our new partners, Spectrum Equity.

Since our inception in 2007, we’ve always had a unique vision regarding what effective learning looks like. We swam against the stream and executed that vision with tenacity. More than a decade later, we find ourselves helping to shape the future of an industry, setting many standards along the way. Over this time, we have pioneered new approaches to online learning, which has resulted in a highly respected brand for training and certification.

Our growth over the years has also brought on operational challenges that require professional and experienced handling, which we have found in Spectrum Equity. With the resources and expertise gained through this partnership, we’re already looking at an extremely exciting roadmap, including many long-awaited gems… *cough*

Not much will be changing on our side. We will keep doing what we do, the same way we’ve been doing it up to now. The main differences will mostly be seen in our ability to execute new, exciting plans and ideas, and have them come to fruition much sooner. We will also take this golden opportunity to mention that we will continue to fully and unequivocally support, develop, and maintain the free, open source platform – Kali Linux. This has been our motivation from day one and is one of our core tenets. We are truly excited about the opportunities around this new partnership and are looking forward to an eventful future. Stay tuned for some additional news as our roadmap gets unveiled.

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