Top 3 CISO concerns for 2023

Sep 25, 2023


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As the cybersecurity landscape rapidly transforms, CISOs, and security leaders face an array of challenges while striving to protect their organizations from the ever-present cyber threats. Recently, at an event we hosted, “Sippin with OffSec,” prominent security professionals gathered to discuss various topics, and three critical themes emerged as top concerns for CISOs in 2023. 

Lack of organizational prioritization of security

One of the primary concerns raised at the event was the lack of organizational prioritization of security. Participants agreed that while security is undeniably crucial for any business, it is not always perceived as the top priority within an organization. Making money often takes precedence, leading to security initiatives being overlooked or underfunded.

To address this concern, CISOs must strive to gain executive buy-in and support for security initiatives. By highlighting the potential risks and consequences of a cyber incident, security leaders can effectively communicate the importance of a robust security posture to the organization’s bottom line. Additionally, fostering a culture of security throughout the organization, coupled with an emphasis on training and development, can help bridge the gap between security and other divisions.

Tips for CISOs:

  1. Include security training, more than just a video and a survey into new employee onboarding
  2. Regularly communicate security successes and impact across teams
  3. Pick a person on your team to be responsible to communicate out about new threats and reassure the organization of your plans to protect it. 

Justification of training and development

The second major concern discussed at the event was the justification of training and development for cybersecurity professionals. Depending on the organization’s leadership mindset, training can be viewed as either an unnecessary expense or a vital investment in building a skilled and resilient workforce.

To overcome this concern, CISOs need to establish a compelling value realization plan for training programs. This plan should quantitatively outline the expected business outcomes resulting from the training and how these outcomes align with the organization’s goals. By providing valid and credible reports, CISOs can demonstrate the return on investment for training initiatives, making securing support and resources for ongoing professional development easier. Here, cybersecurity learning metrics can come in handy. 

Tips for CISOs: Develop ROI for training programs

Importance of receiving continuous value from training

The third significant concern highlighted by the event participants was the importance of receiving continuous value from training efforts. Traditional training programs that focus on theoretical concepts but need more practical applicability often fail to engage learners effectively.

To address this concern, CISOs must prioritize training that is engaging, relevant, and immediately applicable to daily cybersecurity tasks. By incorporating hands-on exercises, simulated real-world scenarios, and up-to-date industry insights into learning modules, security leaders can ensure that their teams stay sharp, motivated, and well-equipped to face emerging threats. Additionally, fostering a culture of continuous learning within the organization will help promote ongoing interest in professional development.

Tips for CISOs: Choose a learning platform that engages learners with new and challenging materials.


As the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, CISOs and security leaders must adapt to meet the ever-changing challenges. Drawing insights from the event “Sippin with OffSec,” we have identified three top concerns for CISOs in 2023: lack of organizational prioritization of security, justification of training and development, and the importance of receiving continuous value from training.

By actively addressing these concerns and implementing strategies to tackle them head-on, security leaders can foster a resilient security culture, secure necessary support from executive leadership, and ensure their teams are equipped with the skills needed to defend against the ever-evolving cyber threats of the future. As guardians of their organizations’ digital assets, CISOs have a pivotal role to play in safeguarding against cyber adversaries, and by addressing these concerns, they can enhance their cybersecurity posture and protect their organizations from potential harm. 

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