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An Offensive Approach

Well-designed mitigation strategies need routine security tests. The best tests simulate the techniques and methods of an intruder. By encouraging students to use the same tools, techniques, and mindset as a hacker, we level the playing field for defenders. At Offensive Security, we teach that offense is the best defense.

OffSec’s curriculum isn’t just about technical skill, although we do develop that with rigorous training. We also challenge our students to Try Harder. This means developing a growth mindset, engaging critical thinking skills, and overcoming unforeseen obstacles.

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From The Creators Of Kali Linux

Offensive Security have defined the standard of excellence in penetration testing training. Elite security instructors teach our intense training scenarios and exceptional course material.

The same expert security professionals that designed Kali Linux developed our courses. These professionals leverage their own real-world penetration testing experience to ensure an unwavering focus on the practical applicability of course materials.

Invaluable Certifications

Offensive Security’s courses offer the most rigorous penetration testing training in the industry. An OffSec certification is a clear sign of a skilled and experienced penetration tester.

Completing one of our courses and passing the certification exam places you among an elite group of security professionals. Companies have noticed this and Offensive Security certified professionals are in increasing demand.

Unlike many other programs, Offensive Security does not require students to pay an annual fee or to submit continuing education credits to maintain their certification status.

Unparalleled Learning Experience

In addition to extensive course materials and videos, all students receive access to a virtual lab environment. These labs offer the opportunity to work through course exercises and practice attack techniques safely and legally.

Many training programs provide the written education components, but fail to provide a practical test. Applying your penetration testing training and skills in a controlled environment is a critical component of our hands-on approach.

The “Try Harder” Ethos


“Try Harder” is about the mindset of a successful penetration tester. Our students need to be persistent and perceptive in the search for creative solutions.

OffSec certificate holders have proven they understand that hard work is part of the process. They think critically and try new solutions. They know how and when to step back, see the big picture, and manage themselves and their time.

In short, students who have tried harder possess both technical skill and the attitude necessary for a successful penetration tester.

Learn more about the Try Harder mindset.


The course material for OffSec exams and certifications is based on real-world situations, presented with hands-on training and practiced in a virtual lab. Exams are proctored and certification status is verifiable via digital badging.

Certificate holders have tried and tested their abilities and mindset. That means employers can hire OffSec alumni with confidence, knowing they have practical skills and the right attitude.


“I have been delivering IT training for years, I took this course to keep up-to-date about Pen Testing. As a trainer I’ve found a professional staff and such a well done course structure and training aid. As a student, this is the first time I attended a course whose value has more than doubled its costs.”

— Antonio Merola

“If you are already considering to take the course, don’t hesitate and just go for it – you won’t regret it.”

— Michael R. Heinzl

“Many thanks for what has been a fantastic experience for me. This course far surpassed my expectations with its depth. I have been interested in INFOSEC for a while now but was unsure which course to do first to establish some kind of baseline.


I had found that the majority of providers seem to be providing very intense courses (e.g. a week) for some very high prices! Interestingly 99% were using BackTrack to facilitate their courses. When I found this course it was a ‘no brainer’. I now know which field I want to be in!


The video tutorials are superb and make it easy for a beginner to know where they need to focus their efforts. The exercises/labs were great and made concepts which appeared a little ‘esoteric’ easy to understand (Buffer Overflows springs to mind!)


I will be going through the course work again and will schedule the challenge within a month. I’ll also be looking out for any further courses from Offensive Security. Rest assured I have told, and will be telling everyone about this course!”

— Jason Griffiths

“Mati has taken material often considered difficult, and made it understandable. His in-depth knowledge and clear explanations help the student advance from the prerequisite linux experience to become confident with advanced skills.


When additional research is required he provides links to outside sources, and the student is encouraged to use his own skill and ingenuity whenever necessary. Every topic should be clearly understood, each is a building block for the next. It’s also important that students read and follow the introductory instructions before starting the course, no matter how tempting it might be to jump right in.


If one registers for the optional lab work, these instructions are critical. Through the videos and accompanying text, Mati prepares the students for the lab experiments, which are conducted in a safe VPN environment. He occasionally challenges them with unannounced twists and turns to keep them on their toes. The exercises are challenging and enlightening, and the “hands-on” experience adds a valuable dimension to the course.


This course will take over your life; you’ll spend so much time on the computer that your family will forget you, you’ll mean to call in sick to work but you’ll forget the call, you’ll starve, and if you have any friends left, they’ll organize an intervention. All in all, it’s a totally rewarding experience.”

— Jack Connelly

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