Offensive Security Wireless Attacks Updated

At long last, our highly rated Wireless Attacks Course (Wi-Fu) has been updated to version 3! This is a major revision of the course with a complete restructure and redesign of the course content with a far broader range of attack techniques.

The Wi-Fu course is comprised of course videos that are 3.5 hours in length along with an accompanying 380-page lab guide.

Beginning with a solid introduction to wireless networking theory, you will be plunged directly into attacking wireless networks of varying configurations.

Going far beyond cracking WEP enabled networks, this new version of Wi-Fu has much greater coverage of attacks against WPA networks using the Aircrack-ng suite, Pyrit, and more. Also added are various rogue access point attacks to help you take your wireless penetration testing beyond simply cracking network keys.

If you are looking to learn how to attack wireless networks, or want to take your skills beyond the basics, this new revision of Wi-Fu will be available with a start date of 22 Dec 2011 but you can sign up now and be among the first to have this great new version of Wi-Fu.

To see the many topics covered in the new course, we have the Wi-Fu Syllabus available for your perusal. We have also updated our recommended hardware for the new revision of the course and have added a new Wi-Fu Demo video to the course page.

The course fee for Wi-Fu is $450 USD and includes our highly-regarded hands-on certification exam leading to the coveted OSWP certification. Our former Wi-Fu students wishing to upgrade to this new version of the course can do so for the fee of $100 USD.