Infosec Training and Penetration Testing

News and Updates

We’ve got a bunch of exciting news, I’ll try to make this as short and concise as possible.

Bulletpoint iconThe guys from the Metasploit project have teamed up with Offensive Security to significantly expand our current Metasploit Unleashed public course. Work is underway!

Bulletpoint iconApropos MSFU, some statistics – over 3 million page views, 80k unique visitors and 58,000 password bruteforce attempts since the course is up.

Bulletpoint iconBackTrack 4 development is going on strong, we’re in the process of making the development process more transparent and community driven.

Bulletpoint iconWe’re starting a monthly newsletter with BackTrack tutorials and interesting articles and howto’s.  Anyone interested can sign up to the newsletter here.

Bulletpoint icon The first podcast has been released! Check it out on the podcast page.