Live Training 2011

Live Training Spring 2011

In our spring tradition of live training we are happy to announce our official April 2011 Pentesting With BackTrack course in Columbia, MD.

As usual we are keeping our classes small so if you are interested sign up as soon as possible before we are full.

Here is what some of previous students have said about this course:

“This is the most hardcore training I have taking in 15 years of attending Infosec courses”

“This was the best money I have ever spent on training.”

“The only problem with this course is that it needs to be 2 weeks instead of 1…”

“If you want a hardcore, brain melting experience that will expand your
pentesting skills, Pentesting With BackTrack is the course for you.”

As a student of PWB you will learn:
* Advanced Information Gathering Techniques
* Reconnaissance tools in BackTrack
* How to write your own buffer overflow
* How to add your exploits into Metasploit
* Mind numbing tunneling tactics

We mix this with tons of hands on experience so you hear, see and do. In addition, one evening we will host a special Capture the Flag event. We will pit teams in the class against each other in a full contact hacking death match,

At the end of the course you leave with lab time, videos and your book so you can prepare for the most challenging certification in the field today – the OSCP.

This 24 hour hell fest will truly prove you learned the skills to be a true pentester.

If this interests you at all, get a hold of Chris quick at to reserve one of the few remaining spots.